What We Do

LiveNF was founded in 2012 as an opportunity to help young people discover, rediscover and start living in the City of Niagara Falls, New York. What started as a series of conversations on the Niagara University campus has become an ongoing effort to tell our own story in the home that we love. Our original focus was promoting housing opportunities for recent college graduates and young professionals in the downtown core - joining similar organizations  like LiveDetroit, LiveBaltimore and LiveCleveland.

We are proud to be part of a successful strategy that has seen over 40 new apartments, a 95 percent apartment occupancy rate and eight new locally owned businesses opened along Third Street in the past four years.  More housing opportunities are planned for 2017 and 2018, and more and more young people are trying Niagara Falls on for size. So, its time to shift gears.

With every year that passes, LiveNF grows and adapts to provide new events and opportunities for people of all ages to connect in Niagara Falls. We always strive to keep our approach as accessible as possible, as we know that gathering a wide range of input and involvement fuels community successes. While we started with a housing based mission, we are now focused on events and social media as a way to connect current residents and attract more people to Niagara Falls, 12 months a year.

If you have attended past events like “Sunday In A Parking Lot,” “The LiveNF Games,” “The LiveNF Volunteer Fair,” “The Human Foosball Tournament” or “NF Pints for Progress,” you know that we always aim to keep things casual. We never stand on ceremony or take ourselves too seriously. Even though we officially incorporated and formed a board of directors in 2016, informality and accessibility will continue to be at the heart of LiveNF.

Please stay tuned to our events page to see what’s next for LiveNF. As always, anyone and everyone is more that welcomed to stop by.